COVID-19 Alerts

You Must Still Wear a Mask at CHA:  While Massachusetts is no longer under a State of Emergency, you must still wear a mask at all CHA locations (without vents or valves). This is for the safety of our patients and staff. Thank you.

Visitor Policy: Our visitor policy has changed. Please see details below before coming to the hospital to visit your friends/family.

COVID Testing: Please do not use the Emergency Department or Urgent Care for COVID testing. Please call your CHA primary care center to schedule a test or visit the state testing website for other locations. Thank you. 

COVID Notices:

  • COVID Testing, Treatment and Vaccines

    Testing: Please visit our COVID testing page for current information.

    Treatments: The latest COVID-19 treatments are available at our COVID Treatment Clinic.

    Vaccines: Please visit our COVID vaccine page for current information.

  • If You are Exposed to COVID

    On August 11, 2022 the CDC updated its COVID-19 guidelines, with new recommendations on quarantine (staying away from others if you have been in close contact with someone with COVID) and isolation (staying away from others when you test positive for COVID). The recommendations for quarantine and isolation no longer differ by vaccination status.

    Please click here for current CDC guidelines of what to do if you were a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID.

  • In-Person Visits and Masks

    We are glad you are coming to see us!

    To protect you, and other patients, please STOP for our screeners when entering any CHA building.

    Our safety standards:

    • Wear a proper mask. All patients, visitors and staff must wear a proper mask when entering a CHA building or clinic. Masks with vents, gaiters or bandanas are not allowed. A Medical Level 2 mask will be provided to each patient or visitor to Cambridge Hospital, Everett Hospital or the Somerville Campus. Patients are required to wear it over their existing mask vs. change their mask upon entry. For ambulatory sites, patients will have access to masks via a kiosk or by request from the registration desk.

    • Use hand sanitizer when you enter the building.

    • Answer our questions about COVID exposure or symptoms. (Do you have a fever/chills, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, body ache, headache, or loss of taste or smell?)
  • Visitor Policy
    UPDATED March 14, 2022

    Until the risk related to COVID-19 pandemic has been eliminated as determined by CHA Infection Control and state, local, and public health authorities, visitors should be encouraged to defer their visit.

    CHA will adopt the following practices for the safety of our patients, staff and providers:

    For in Person Appointments
    • Patients coming to an outpatient clinic are allowed to bring at least one individual to accompany them. Additional people will be at the discretion of the provider and clinic.
    • Patients in the Emergency Department may have one visitor accompany them.
    Patients in the Hospital - Med Surg and ICU Inpatient Units 

    All patients regardless of COVID status:

    • There are no restrictions to the number of visitors per day, however we may limit the number of visitors at one time to maintain social distancing. Visiting hours will be between 1pm - 8pm. We will not unreasonably limit the length of time of a visit. Visitors under age 18 are allowed by exception only.

    COVID positive patients:

    • Visitation for COVID positive patients is encouraged by video technology.
    • People visiting a COVID positive patient in person must don full protective equipment (PPE) provided by a CHA healthcare worker (HCW). The HCW will provide instructions on proper use of PPE and instruct the visitor on required hand hygiene practices.

    Patients approaching end of life or at end of life:

    • The clinical team will collaborate about visits to these patients with the patient and their loved ones. There is no limitation to time of day or duration of visits.
    Patients in the Hospital - Maternity, labor and delivery and postpartum:
    • Patients may have up to  two support persons at a time for labor, delivery, and postpartum care in the hospital.  The support person(s) can come and go on the unit. Support persons will be screened each time they enter the unit. There will be no limit to the total number of visitors during the hospital stay, except for the limitation to 2 at one time.
    • Pregnant patients’ healthy children and/or siblings of newborns may visit, but should be accompanied at all times by an adult, and are encouraged to stay in patient rooms.
    • All visitors will be screened for COVID risk per hospital policy. All patients and support persons/birth partners will be issued a mask to wear when they are in public hallways. All patients and support persons must wear masks while any staff members are in their hospital room.
    • For COVID positive pregnant patients: 
      • The birth partner may attend if they screen positive (due to contact/exposure or positive test) only if they are asymptomatic. If the birth partner develops symptoms during the stay, they will be asked to leave. 
      • The birth partner must stay in the room at all times masked, and will not be able to come and go. If they leave, will not be allowed re-entry
      • No other visitor allowed in the room
    • For COVID negative pregnant patients:
      • If the birth partner screens positive due to exposure/positive test, and is asymptomatic, the pregnant patient should be counseled on risks to her and the newborn, and consider alternative support in labor. However, once counseled, if chooses COVID+ support person, admission will be allowed
      • If the support person is COVID+/PUI no other visitors will be allowed.
      • If the support person becomes symptomatic while on the unit they will be asked to leave and to contact their personal primary care provider. They will not be allowed to return to the unit.
      Patients in the Hospital - Psychiatry 

      Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

      • No restrictions to the number of visitors per day, however we may limit the number of visitors at one time to maintain social distancing. Guardians are allowed to visit the child at any time. We will not unreasonably limit the length of time of a visit.

      Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry:

      • No restrictions to the number of visitors per day, however we may limit the number of visitors at one time to maintain social distancing. Visiting hours will be between 1pm - 8pm. We will not unreasonably limit the length of time of a visit.
      On the Day of Visitation
      • Our screeners will screen all patients according to current standards.
      • If the visitor presents on the nursing unit without a screening sticker, they will be redirected to the front desk for screening.
      • The front desk staff will ask who they are requesting to visit and then call the nursing unit. The unit staff will confirm that the patient can receive a visitor.
      • The front desk staff will instruct the visitor to go to the unit and check in at the nurses station upon arrival.
      If a Visitor Cannot Visit a Patient
      • The front desk staff will first apologize for this decision and then provide the visitor with a brief explanation about why they cannot visit at this time.
      • The front desk staff can provide the visitor with the phone number for the unit if they have additional questions.
      • Visitors must be symptom-free, without a diagnosis or exposure to COVID-19 in the preceding 10 days, and remain masked at all times. (For end of life visitation only, exceptions to these criteria may be made on a case by case basis.)
      • Visitors not complying with masking will be asked to leave.

    • Local Community Resources

      CHA has a website called CHA Connect where you can search for local social services.

      You can use CHA Connect to find things like housing assistance, food support and much more.

    • DPH Reopening Attestations

      As required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, CHA attests to continuing to meet specific requirements to reopen or expand services.

      Phase 1 Reopening Attestation

      Phase 2 Reopening Attestation

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